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Our Mission

Karis Life was sparked by a simple question, “Where have you been?” This question was put to our Director Rej Punchayil, on a visit to Hornsby Westfield many years ago, by an elderly woman struggling to locate her car – she assumed Rej was the concierge. Noting her confusion and difficulty with mobility, Rej kindly offered to help the woman, eventually finding her car after several frustrating hours of search

Stunned by the lack of support at the woman’s disposal, especially given her clear vulnerability, her negative experience at the shopping centre stayed with him. At the time, Rej was seeking a new venture. The experience gave him the clarity to seek out a company that would allow him to carry out his new mission; to make the lives of those who are vulnerable, with limited mobility or disability, easier and more dignified.

Each day we strive to be the answer to the question, “Where have you been?” Karis Life is the solution to our customers’ leading a better life, and “we are right here,” just as Rej was when he was needed most. We’re passionate about advocating for those who need it most, with a focus on compassion, expertise and an unwavering dedication to providing tailor-made assistive technology solutions.

Karis Life empowers you to live a life with independence and dignity.

Our mission

Our Values

We’ve built Karis Life on a foundation of compassion, empathy and a commitment to your well-being. We believe that to provide the best solutions to our customers’ challenges we must understand their needs beyond their physical limitations.

‘Karis’ is derived from the Greek word ‘Charis’, meaning ‘goodwill, loving-kindness, favour and grace’, and this sums up the nurturing way in which we approach our customers’ circumstances. We take the time to carefully listen and understand each customer’s unique needs and use that vital information and our in-depth knowledge to deliver the best solutions for dignified, independent living.






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Our history

Founded as Comfort Discovered in 1984 and later bought by Rej, the business has continued to grow steadily. Now rebranded as Karis Life, we proudly share decades of knowledge and experience in enhancing our customers’ independence, mobility and dignity through innovative assistive technology solutions. Along with our expansive, completely accessible new showroom in Hornsby, we have continued to expand our vast knowledge base, expertise, and product range, without compromising our outstanding personalised service.

Our Founder

Karis Life founder Rej (Rejimon Punchayil) is a highly qualified and experienced professional who has honed his business acumen across several continents and multiple industries, including; manufacturing, international trade and marketing. With his vast expertise and genuine drive to give back to his community, Rej leads and inspires a highly knowledgeable and equally passionate team to provide outstanding service and product solutions to their valued customers. Rej continues to develop and evolve Karis Life’s offering, identifying and anticipating future challenges and trends within the assistive technology landscape.


Our Team

Photo of Sibi John

Sibi John

With a Masters in Physiotherapy Sibi has wide experience in allied health ranging from paediatrics right the way through to geriatrics. Other than winning at cricket his passion is to help others reach their fullest potential.

Photo of Aileen Spanky

Aileen Spankie

Aileen is a qualified Occupational Therapist with over 7 years of clinical experience in her home country of Scotland. She relocated from Glasgow to Sydney on a working holiday visa and has enjoyed exploring the city and its beaches while experiencing a different pace of life “down-under.”

Photo of Sabeeqa Ali

Sabeeqa Ali

Sabeeqa is in her third year at uni studying to be an OT and planning to specialise in helping older adults live fulfilling lives. Sabeeqa's caring and gentle approach reflects her deep commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of those she helps.

Photo of Sarah Bower

Sarah Bower

With a background in both travel and finance, Sarah holds a true passion for providing exceptional customer service. When she is not traveling, Sarah's enthusiasm for assisting others shines through in her caring and good-humoured approach to making a difference in people's lives.

Photo of Adrienne Mclean

Adrienne Mclean

As a daughter caring for her aging father Adrienne has a connection to Karis Life going back to 2016. In her role at Karis Life, Adrienne drives the Live Life Better Seminars. Friendly, informative 90-minute seminar showcasing solutions to help retirees live more comfortably in their homes.

Photo of Martin Bartlett

Martin Bartlett

Martin is from Wales where his parents still live. At 89 his father has dementia and his mother 85 has lost her sight and suffers severe arthritis. Their sense of humour, courage and determination inspire him to help others in similar situations.



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