Do you have a sore thumb?

1 June 2023

Sore thumb

Do you have thumb osteoarthritis or thumb instability? Unfortunately, this can cause a lot of problems in daily life. Activities such as writing, opening jars and turning keys can be painful

Arthritis is a disorder in which the cartilage of the joints becomes worn or inflamed. In a healthy joint, the ends of the bones are covered with cartilage. This allows the bones to move smoothly and painlessly over each other. In osteoarthritis the cartilage wears away and the bones rub against each other. Movement or pressure, for example pinching, then becomes painful. The PUSH Ortho Thumb Brace CMC provides just the support you need. It is a slim, attractive and low-profile support. It is comfortable and easy to wear, during virtually any activity.

There are many simple and practical tools to help manage daily activities, while living with arthritis. A pick-up-reacher, a key turner, a jar opener or a tap turner can make a huge difference. The enhanced independence feeds our self-worth and self-esteem.

Arthritis gloves of various types can be a great relief during this season. It is good to know that there is a range of cutleries that can assist a person who is experiencing difficulties at the dining table. Get yourself equipped to deal with the challenges this winter and your arthritis can throw at you.

Do you have a sore thumb article
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